Why do I need to select a studio when registering?

Why do I need to select a studio when registering?

We are excited that our app now offers the best of our brand: access in-studio or on the GO.

When creating a profile, you must select a home studio.
  1. If you are exclusively a digital user, select the “GO” studio (this is a virtual studio)
  2. If you workout at a local studio, select that studio. Your password and access will be paired with your home studio.

If you have previously visited a studio but are now exclusively a digital user, your account can also be accessed by selecting one of these previously visited studios.

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    • Are the classes geared for the home, outdoors or at a gym?

      You can use GO™ anywhere you are, and anywhere you go. All you need is the app and you can take class at home, outdoors or at the gym!
    • Can I use GO™ if I already have a studio membership?

      Yes! If you already have a studio membership you can find GO™ streaming content in your studio app under the "GO" icon. Please note the GO™ subscription is an incremental cost to your studio membership.
    • Can I use GO™ without being a member of a studio?

      Yes! If you do not have a studio membership you can still use GO™ by purchasing a subscription in studio or directly in the app.
    • How do I access my Lifestyle complimentary subscription?

      Complimentary accounts were created automatically when a qualifying studio membership was purchased. Invitation emails were triggered automatically to the email address on your account. If you did not receive this invitation and have a qualifying ...
    • How to Sign-In and Sign-Out

      SIGN-OUT Mobile App 1. Navigate to the stacker menu 2. Click downward arrow in the top right 3. Click Sign Out Online 1. Click Sign Out in the top right corner of the screen SIGN-IN Mobile App 1. Click Get Started 2. Select a Studio (if you are not a ...