What are Pure Pregnancy workouts like?

What are Pure Pregnancy workouts like?

Pure Pregnancy workouts are 20-45 minutes long and contain a series of low-impact exercises that isolate and target specific muscle groups (arms, thighs, seat, and abs). What makes these different than standard Pure Barre workouts is that they are designed specifically for pregnancy and postpartum-exercises that are comfortable to do during different phases of pregnancy with tons of modification options.
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    • Where do I find "This Week On" workouts?

      To find "This Week On" workouts: Open the app, click the “GO” icon. Navigate to “Collections” on the secondary navigation menu. Here you can find the collection called “This Week On”. 
    • Find content by duration

      To access longer or shorter workouts: Select "Classes" on the secondary navigation menu. Select a class category. Choose the filter option. Select the duration of your choice.
    • How long are the classes?

      Our classes range from 5 minutes to 90 minutes. You can take one at a time or stack different classes (like a run followed by some yoga) to workout just the way you need!
    • Required equipment

      You can do all Pure Barre workouts with just your own body weight, a soft surface below you (mat, carpet), and a support of some kind (wall, counter top, dresser). However, many people enjoy adding equipment for extra resistance. The three pieces of ...
    • How to subscribe

      To subscribe for workouts: 1. Visit the website of the Xponential Fitness brand of your choice (purebarre.com, clubpilates.com, theakt.com, yogasix.com, cyclebar.com, therowhouse.com, stretchlab.com, runwithstride.com). 2. Select "GO" on the top ...