Can I use GO™ without being a member of a studio?

Can I use GO™ without being a member of a studio?

Yes! If you do not have a studio membership you can still use GO by purchasing a subscription in studio or directly in the app.
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    • Can I use GO™ if I already have a studio membership?

      Yes! If you already have a studio membership you can find GO™ streaming content in your studio app under the "GO" icon. Please note the GO™ subscription is an incremental cost to your studio membership.
    • How do I access my Lifestyle complimentary subscription?

      Complimentary accounts were created automatically when a qualifying studio membership was purchased. Invitation emails were triggered automatically to the email address on your account. If you did not receive this invitation and have a qualifying ...
    • On which platforms can I use my GO subscription?

      Your GO subscription can be accessed through your brand's Member's site online, our iOS app, or our Android app. To access online, visit your brand's website. ​ ...
    • What is the cost of GO™?

      Please visit the website of the Xponential Fitness brand of your choice to find more information on subscription pricing: ...
    • Freezing your subscription

      Freezing a GO subscription is not supported at this time. Contact us for more information.